Chuck E. Cheese Replaces Mascot, A Nation Mourns Its Lost Innocence


They’re remousening the brand :-(

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This guy needs replacing? Why?

GateHouse — I was in a Chuck E. Cheese one time, once, for a birthday party for the son of a friend we no longer talk to because he held his kid’s birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese.

This was years ago, before I knew precisely what the phrase “having kids” truly meant, before I realized you could wiggle your way out of birthday parties at the last minute (if I ever tell you “the baby has an ear infection,” I am lying to your face), before I fully appreciated that “being a parent” meant “benefiting from astronomical, near-miraculous odds to be born at this age, in this time, and then burning the impossibly precious gift of life in a windowless hellscape filled with shrieking and pepperoni and aging robot mice who sing Beach Boys songs.”

In that few hours, I learned a…

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Let’s not forget.

It has been nearly ten years.. wow, how crazy is that?!

I had just moved to Galveston, TX and was woken up that morning to the phone ringing over and over. We still had one of those old school answering machines, so I heard the lady leaving a message as I walked down the hall. It was obviously a wrong number, but I decided the “you won’t believe what is happening, you need to turn on the TV” comment was good enough for me to do so.

I was glued to the TV for the rest of the day.

Many innocent people perished that day, people that were simply going to work.. fearless first responders that were going UP into those towers to save lives, and, most impressive to me, those in the sky above Pennsylvania that decided trying to do something was better than sitting around doing nothing.

Memorial picture from 2004. There was one flag for each person that died during the attacks on 9/11/2001.

Discovery Channel has a commercial free series called Rising: Rebuilding Ground Zero, I REALLY suggest watching it. It’s a wonderful reminder of all that occurred that day, and the efforts since then to not only rebuild but to also honor those that died on 9/11/2001.

Please take some time tomorrow to reflect on what happened that day.

Romance, Migraines, and Lesbians: Part 3 of 4

Lesbians. Dudes dig’em, other girls dig’em. Not too many people aren’t a fan of them.

Ok, I have your attention now.

Why do some girls claim to be a lesbian but don’t act in any way that would indicate they really are? Is it just *that* cool for a girl to say they’re interested in girls?

All I’m saying is be who you are, and don’t trivialize that by pretending to be someone you aren’t. Embrace your sexuality and go with it. Be straight, gay, bisexual.. be whatever you want to be, but don’t claim to be something you aren’t to be shocking, or “cool”, or whatever.

*Edit: I meant to save this as a draft, but accidentally published it. I’ll come back later and complete my thoughts.

Romance, Migraines, and Lesbians: Part 2 of 4

It’s difficult to say how long I have been getting migraines, but I’d think it safe to say it has been for the past 14ish years. For those that have never had a migraine, they just take everything out of you. All you want to do is lay in a dark room with absolutely no noise, hoping you position yourself so that you can apply pressure to help relieve the pain. All you can hope to do is to fall asleep.

My problem is that I have never been good at taking medication early enough to be effective. I usually realize I have a headache way too late and throw up any medicine I may take.

I wonder if I will ever get to the point that I’ll recognize the onset of a migraine far enough in advance that I can kill it with medicine!

Romance, Migraines, and Lesbians: Part 1 of 4

I was recently asked to define “romance”. Now, me being a guy, I had never placed much (if any) thought into this. It has been periodically popping into my head though since being asked, so here is my futile attempt to put definition to romance.

When I think of romance, I think of a candle lit dinner, a moonlit walk on the beach, laying in the bed of a truck staring at the stars, a quiet walk through your very own neighborhood in the evening. But none of these involve romance if they’re done alone or in a group of people, romance is limited to one on one interaction. So far, I have two things that define romance: setting and people involved.

Going back to setting for a moment.. I think setting is a fairly large component of romance. Can romance be had with two people cleaning a PortaPotty? Unlikely. Can romance be had standing at the base of the Eiffel Tower? Mhm.

The final component of romance has to do with the feelings the two individuals share for each other. You could be on a Tuscan wine tasting tour with your best friend and never once have romance even considered. In this situation: setting + one on one interactions =/= romance. A shared love and respect needs to be had with the two involved.

To summarize: setting + one on one interaction + mutual feelings of love/respect = romance

Please note that sex is not in the equation. Yes, romance may lead to sex, but in no way is sex directly involved with romance. So there you go, an honest, quick assessment of what I think romance is after thinking about it off and on for around 12 hours. There are probably flaws, but those flaws will be better understood in Part 2 of 4.. migraines.